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The Career Coach Program


120 JD


1 Weeks 12h

About the Course

   The direct goal of career counseling is to help individuals plan for their future jobs by setting goals and action plans that are aligned with their interests, abilities, and job opportunities in the current market or with jobs that can either be created or are expected to grow in the future. People naturally have the will and potential to learn and excel in jobs that fall within their interests and abilities. Likewise, this can also help them bear the burden of those jobs and adapt to their working conditions. Career counseling has an effective role in unleashing the potential of entrepreneurs and increasing the success rate of their projects. Through training and mentorship, they are equipped with the skills required to better plan, initiate, and manage their small businesses. Employers, on the other hand, need a more skilled workforce that is capable of adding the expected value from the job to increase productivity and reduce turnover. Therefore, the  goal of the Career coach program is to provide high-level career counseling knowledge and skills that will help trainees to plan for their careers or to start giving effective career counseling sessions.​


This course works well for:

· Anyone wants to work as a career coach

· Individuals willing to develop their skills and career paths

· HR managers to learn techniques to help employees develop themselves

· Companies plan to adopt a career management system.


In this three-day workshop you will gain the knowledge, skills, techniques and resources to start planning for your career or start providing the career counselling as a service.

So, what are you waiting for?

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